Elemental Analysis of Crude, Used Engine, and Hydraulic Oils by Radial View (RV) ICP-OES

Applications | 2021 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentation
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Application BriefPetrochemicalsImproved Measurement Accuracyof Wear Metals in Lubricant Oils byICP-OESFollowing ASTM D5185-18 method using anAgilent 5800 RV ICP-OES and IntelliQuantAuthorGet the right answer the first timeAlejandro AmorinAgilent Technologies, Inc.The Agilent 5800 Radial View (RV) ICP-OES incorporates smart capabilities,including IntelliQuant, Outlier...
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Application NotePetrochemicalsImproved Accuracy in theMeasurement of Wear Metals andAdditives in Lubricant Oils by ICP-OESUsing an Agilent 5800 Radial View ICP-OES and theASTM D5185-18 standard methodAuthorIntroductionAlejandro AmorinAgilent Technologies, Inc.Most types of machinery need some form of lubrication to work effectivelyand reliably...
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Multi-element Analysis of Used Lubricant Oils
2019|Agilent Technologies|Applications
Application NotePetrochemicalsMulti-element Analysis of UsedLubricant OilsEvaluating an Agilent Easy-fit fully demountableICP-OES torch for oil analysis, according toASTM D5185-18AuthorAlejandro AmorinAgilent Technologies, Inc.IntroductionElemental analysis of lubricant and hydraulic oils is important for predictive/preventive maintenance and trend analysis. The data helps users avoid...
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Improved productivity for thedetermination of metals in oil samplesusing the Agilent 5110 Radial View (RV)ICP-OES with Advanced Valve SystemApplication notePetrochemicalAuthorsNeli DrvodelicAgilent TechnologiesMelbourne, AustraliaIntroductionThe determination of metals in oils by ICP-OES using a radially-viewedplasma is a well established technique, especially for...
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