Instrument Calibration, System Verification, and Performance Validation for Metrohm Instant Raman Analyzers (Mira)

Technical notes | 2018 | MetrohmInstrumentation
RAMAN Spectroscopy
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Mira P HandheldRaman SpectrometerInstant on-site verification of materials Mira P – easy, fast, flexible, and reliableFlexible: Customize Mira P to suityour unique needs02OperatingProcedures• Customizable reports• Customizable operating procedures• Wide variety of sampling optionsResults you can trust: Decisions madewith confidenceEvaluation Type• Material...
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Mira PProduct manual8.0924.8001EN / 2021-04-20 Metrohm AGIonenstrasseCH-9100 HerisauSwitzerlandPhone +41 71 353 85 85Fax +41 71 353 89 [email protected] PProduct manual8.0924.8001EN /2021-04-20 Technical CommunicationMetrohm AGCH-9100 [email protected] documentation has been prepared with great care. However, errorscan never be entirely ruled out. Please send comments...
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MonographIntroduction to Raman SpectroscopyKeith Carron (University of Wyoming) & Münir M. Besli (Metrohm) ContentsPreface History Theory – a first approachScattering of lightRaman scatteringComparing spectroscopic methodsRaman instrumentationRaman system componentsLaboratory Raman spectroscopyRaman microscopesConfocal Raman microscopyRaman chemical imaging/chemical mappingBenchtop Raman systemsHandheld and portable Raman analyzerRaman process...
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